Samantha Donga (GVPCE Women)

I've attended the classes at GVPCEW and Conduira.. The mantra that the program gave us "U wanna learn a language, make it your FIRST language, i.e. the language in which you THINK"

Sirisha karthik - CRT

I was an average student and I had stage fear when I was in my final year of engineering. I joined Conduira and the confidence it has given me cannot be described. Now, I can speak in front of any number of people without fear.

Rajesh Babu Putta

Conduira was the crucial driving force that helped me to enhance my
strength and determination to face the highly coveted examinations.
The faculty at conduira employ a proactive approach to cater the needs
of their students. Special thanks to Abdullah sir for the motivation
and above all inspiration.

Aarif Sultan Mohammed

Its been a great learning, listening working and practicing experience for me ever since i have had been attending conduira. Trainers/lecturers are superb..

Vijay Kumar

This is the mail I received from the HR team of APGVB. And I thank you all for your support in my preparation. It was a wonderful experience, learning from each of the team members here.


Vijay anand Satapathy - CAT

Conduira has some magic. The love, emotion, care they show is incredible. Any day i would want to have a talk or take guidance, irrespective where i am; this is the place i would go to. These are people i would rely on.

Sandeep Tekkali, CAT '12

First of all I would like to thank the three pillars of CONDUIRA. Sasank sir, Abdullah sir and Deepti mam for all the time they spared for guiding me all the way from filling of CAT applications to attending the classes in a B-school, and I am sure they will continue to help us even after that.
The three main points I have observed while studying in CONDUIRA is:
1)    Thinking ability:
Not like other institutes which spoon feeds, Conduira is different as they provide the basics and helps us to think and solve different types of problems. Best part of the preparation is they never follow any set of problems and tells us that these are the only models we might get in the exam. They helped me to build my thinking ability to face any type of problem.

2)    Personal attention:
Conduira keeps a track of all your test scores and provides the strategy to follow while preparing as well as while writing the exam based on the student’s area of strength. Helping all the students individually is mere example for the Personal attention they show on students.

3)    Fighting spirit:
On the first day when I went to Abdullah sir’s class, after a minor conversation sir told “Sweet heart!!! MBA is worthy enough to fight for”. After that Sasank sir and Deepthi mam used to motivate us by giving us the Real time case studies and also taught how to fight for an MBA seat in an interview which was very inspiring and helpful throughout my life. Moreover observing this trio itself gave me a lot of motivation to get into one of the top B-school.

All I can say is it is a great privilege to join Conduira. A big _/\_ to the Conduira staff for all that they have done for my success.

Girish Kumar

With just seven months left before Oct 30, 2011, I started my preparations. There were two things which were absolutely clear in my mind.This is, what I have always wanted to do and that there was to be only one chance in which I could prove myself.When I started going for the coaching classes(CL), I felt unsure, vague and even terrified. I was low on self confidence. The entire batch as I saw had a few brain boxes (u recognise those types on sight) and a few people who had attempted these exams earlier and finally people like me. On a deeper observation, I found that everyone was scared like me....the serious ones, I mean. That is what gave me the impetus to work harder.
That was where I started having an edge over others. I prepared for topics in advance. I approached the profs who used to take classes with my doubts.
But above all, I took everything that was told in the class seriously. A person like me needed lot of guidance which I got from CAREER LAUNCHER.
There were many people who stood behind me(Rama Sasank sir).I really mixed up with a lot of fellow students and the faculty as well.
Their experiences brought a few things in a better perspective

Hari Chandan - CAT

Frankly speaking, i never imagined i'll get into an iim at the first attempt  itself. Thanks to all the interactive programs and the moral boost given by abdulla sir, deepthi mam and sasank sir i was able to build up my self confidence. I never expected to get qualified in the DI section, to my surprise i was able to pick up my english skills so well that the score in my DI section exceeded my score in Quant in the final cat......not just the cat score but the classes on facing the personal interview too helped a lot in getting my call converted. 

EVEN IF I WOULD HAVE FAILED IN THE FIRST ATTEMPT, I WOULD HAVE NOT REGRETTED JOINING IN CONDURIA AS IT HAS CHANGED A LOT IN ME.....Now i am very confident,dont have stagefear anymore,am interacting with ppl more freely, no fear for interviews, a zeal to achieve something big....

Thanks a lot 4 all of these... 

Shwetha Peddakota, CAT 2011

The very first moment I entered IIM C was like a dream come true for me. It is just great to be part of such an institution and it gives me pride that I'm one of those few who make it till here. I would like to express my heart felt gratitude to Conduira, for making all this happen. If not for their career oriented program, it would have been difficult for me to reach here. The well planned and organised course and the personal interest they take on case to case basis  is very helpful. I also found that the mock tests very useful a they prepare us for the real exam. Along with helping the students to achieve their academic goals, one thing I was always fascinated about Conduira was that they give you real world exposure.

Thank you Conduira and wish you all success in your future endeavors and wish you a very good luck to all the prospects out there at Conduira.

Shwetha Peddakota, AU College of Engg

Currently with IIM Calcutta

Deeksha Rai, CAT 2011

The dedication of the directors and faculty and their genuine efforts towards keeping the students motivated throughout is one of the major factors that makes Conduira the success story it is today. I have learnt more than what I could have asked for and will be ever grateful to everyone form Conduira who made it possible. It is a learning experience like none other.

Deeksha Rai

(Converted calls from NMIMS-HR and NMIMS-Capital Markets)

Sammeta Yaswanth Varma, CAT 2011

There are many CAT training institutes around us in which very few institutes will train their students to the level of getting the gate pass for the B-school interviews, beyond that they fail. but Conduira is an institute which guides the participants till they get admission in a top B-School. Everybody knows that getting an admission in a top B-School is one of the toughest testing procedure in India. A successful MBA aspirant should have a good profile and communication skills, Conduira has proved its capabilities in developing good communication skills and profile in its participants which are mandatory to have in oneself to perform well during GD/WAT/PI. i have experienced the best workshops and personal enhancement classes at conduira. In few situations, i have tried to give up CAT because of lowering confidence levels but conduira didn't let me slip. the motivation and personal interactions from the directors always ignited the strength to fight the difficulties in the admission process and they rebuilt the confidence levels in me. i believe, once a student joins in Conduira, he/she is always a member of conduira, one can enjoy the degree of freedom in the institute through the friendly interactions and discussions with the directors at any time. lastly, Conduira is always ready to guide us and give us a good future, the thing is one needs to have the dedication and determination to catch hold of it. i am proud to be a Conduiraian.

 Sammeta Yaswanth Varma

Raghu Engineering College

Currently at IIM Indore

Akhila Kakani, CAT 2011

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the immeasurable amount of support and guidance provided over the last 2 years. Conduira has served as a medium to channelize my dreams and it's richly qualified faculty encouraged me to focus energy on my goals. The passion for success is infectious and the environment was positive and inspiring, I was always surrounded by highly motivated individuals- be it the faculty, the students or the staff.
Conduira has given me more than just the comprehensive study materials or the regular mock tests, it has rendered a nonpareil experience. I would definitely suggest it to my juniors who are looking for the winning edge."

Akhila Kakani

MBA in International Business

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi (2012-2014)

Prithvi Raj Earle, CAT 11

The best decision that I had taken in my life is to join in CONDUIRA for CAT coaching. CAT not only checks one's logical ability and reading skills, it also checks students mental ability. To crack CAT one needs to withstand high mental pressure and this can be achieved only through CONDUIRA. The guidance given by the faculty is awesome. From the starting day of the coaching to till the end they treat the students as family members. The books, online material and mock tests will give the clear picture of CAT. Thanks to CONDUIRA for their motivation.

Secured admission to Great Lakes, IBS (Hyd)

Rahul Gautam, CAT 11

It was always a dream to get into one of the top B-Schools and I would like to thank the conduira group for their enormous support in realizing my dream. Before joining Conduira I was a shy person, not able to express myself completely due to lack of confidence in me. Conduira, having qualified faculty, has been a great help to me in improving my personality traits and knowledge and, provided me a very encouraging ambience throughout the crucial period of nearly 2 months for GDPI after declaration of CAT result. GDEI tactics were unique and universally useful and these gave me an immense confidence to face the actual process. I sincerely appreciate the way of teaching and customized guidance of Abdullah sir, Deepti madam and Sasank sir. I am very thankful to them.

Currently at IIM, Calcutta

Zoya Nasrullah, CAT 11

I used to wonder what my future would be with just average percentages in Intermediate and early years of engineering, when I approached Conduira/CL and the course of my life changed. The faculty continually motivated us and instigated in us a fighting spirit that not only helped me get a good score in CAT but, also to perform better in my academics and develop a good personality. And the story does not end there, they support you till the end of the battle by giving excellent counselling for choosing the right college and training to win at GD/PI. I made it to TAPMI (among top 20 MBA colleges in India) without any job experience or jaw-dropping percentages
and the credit goes solely to Conduira/CL.

Currently with TAPMI

Pavan M S, CAT 12

The personal care by our mentors at Conduira is something which has not just moulded my personality but also instilled a lot of confidence in a confused engineering student like me. I am really thankful to the mentors for being a source of inspiration. In short, joining Conduira is one of the best decisions I have ever taken.

Bristi Choudhury, CAT 2011

The famous quote by Walt Disney says, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” A student needs to dream, find a way out to fulfill his dream and gather courage to fight for his dream and Conduira helped me to dream high, keep up the spirit of fighting for my dream and find out the best way to grab my dream for myself. Motivation, Support, Perseverance and Guidance of Conduira have helped not just at the level of ‘Exam Preparation’ but even in the level of ‘Personality Development’ which has prepared and equipped me with skills I shall need throughout my life. It’s not just any Exam Guidance centre, it’s a Centre for Devotion, Courage and Perseverance for students to develop their outlook on Professional and Personality front.

Vikas Ranjan Jena, CAT 2011

I am deeply indebted to the entire team of Conduira, which gave me a conducive atmosphere to learn. From an introvert to an extrovert, my journey at Conduira has been wonderful. The most important thing that I learned from my mentors was to dream big, to fight on. Conduira stands testimony to its name. Would definitely miss my alma mater.
Proud to be a Condurian...

Krithika, CAT 2009

Joining Conduira was the best decision I made for my MBA preparation. The faculty members were always available for me, supporting and encouraging me to reach my goal. It would have not been possible without Conduira.
Thank You Conduira.


Currently with Citibank

Sri Harsha, CAT 2009

The new world Conduira, besides teaching me everything required for CAT also taught me one other thing called CONFIDENCE, which made me work hard and realize my potential. My journey with Conduira started two years back and I am sure that these were the most worthy days of my life. The journey Continues....


Currently with JP Morgan


Praveen Raj Savarapu, TOEFL:108

Thanks, Conduira for bringing me closer to my dream.Excellent faculty, and it was worth my time.

Chetan Swaroop Thota GRE:315

The ability of the faculty to articulate the concepts is very good and the standard of teaching is also very high

Sai Chand Chodavarapu, GRE - 314

Without Conduira the first digit of my score could not have been 3.

Manoj Battula, GRE - 316

Conduira helped me get a good score in verbal sections

Vinay Matcha, GRE - 312

Conduira institution helped a lot in the development of my verbal.The website is really awesome and helped me alot

Sai Harshita Rayidi, GRE - 317

Conduira helped in achieving a good verbal and quant score. Conduira website is really superb

Bhuvana Surapaneni, GRE - 322

Classroom sessions are interactive and informative. Sectional and module tests in AIM are really useful

Shailesh Kumar P, IELTS - 7.0


Srihaar Atyam, GRE - 314

Nice techniques

Bhargav Aryasomayajula, GRE - 311

Conduira has helped me achieve my goal which I would have not been able to do. I am and will always be thankful to the institute for helping me achieve my target

Aditya Gadepalli, GRE - 311

Conduira helped me a lot in my preparation. There can be some more practice problems in the material provided. But, overall it was a quite good experience with Conduira

Deepak G A V D S K , GRE - 314

Thank you conduira

Karthika Subramani, GRE - 314

It was a very good experience. They helped me cope up with the prep without affecting my job in such a short span

Sri Hari Jakkapu, GRE - 316

I suggest anyone Conduira for one main reason: AIM (Online) Account: I personally felt, GRE exam level to be easy when compared to Conduira's. There are many practice tests in all sections with best statistical score review

Abhishek Varma D, GRE - 317

Conduira has excellent faculty and the AIM website is very useful in preparing for the test

Pavan Sandeep Adari, GRE - 319

Best institute for test prep. I am totally indebted to the directors of Conduira

Shiva Shravani Loke, GRE-320

It was a nice experience, gave enough exposure and confidence to attempt the test

Sravani Alluri , GRE - 325

Conduira is the best place to start your preparation for GRE

Maruthi Vemuri, GRE - 331

Great Coaching

Sudip Gautam, GRE 2012

Conduira is a very good place to start your GRE preparation with. Every part of the GRE exam is covered in a good and easy approach. Truth be told, i never had to touch the quant portion in my home. The concepts were explained in so lucid manner in the class that i need not even look at them again. Trust me, you won't regret after you join Conduira. You will learn to study smarter, not harder. The staffs are very helpful and especially Varma sir helped me a lot, even at the time when i was not able to book my slot for the exam. I scored 321 (Q 168/153 V) in my GRE exam. Thank you,Conduira.

Abhishek S.V TOEFL

I am a final year student of the five year integrated dual degree (B.E.+M.E.) programme in Civil Engineering at Andhra University. On the first day of my TOEFL class at Conduira on 4th November, you asked me a question on scaffolding. I am extremely thankful for your valuable guidance in my TOEFL preparation. I gave the test on 24th November and despite the short duration, I scored 103 out of 120 (Reading = 27/30, Listening = 23/30, Speaking = 27/30 and Writing = 26/30). This would not have been possible without the support of Conduira.

Lasya Priya GRE+TOEFL

I took coaching for GRE in Conduira in GRE 10th batch and for TOEFL in September. I got 309 in GRE and 106 in TOEFL. I feel blessed to have joined Conduira. Conduira’s coaching has helped me a lot. Also, you have inspired me by the aura that you spread while you are speaking in class. It’s just amazing, your presence and the way you and all the other faculty teach and treat us. I always wish my college faculty were like the that.

Kaushik Raj Sripathi, GRE 2010

It has been a life changing experience for me at Conduira. It was not just how to crack the exam that Conduira taught me, it was how to find the road to success in life. Truly, Mr. Abdullah has been an inspiration.

Currently pursuing the Doctoral Program at Texas A & M Univ. (College Station)

Surya Tej Kunche, GRE 2009

I think conduira is the best place to learn for it stimulates thought process for what ever we are getting trained. I especially remember Abdullah sir teaching vocabulary. After the class I could simply remember each and every new word, sir taught because of the stories he told about them. Hands down conduira is the place to be if you want to excel.

Masters in Reliability at Univ. of Maryland, College Park


Ground Floor 2, Vaibhav Enclave, Plot No. 83